Sunday, 5 February 2012

Brisbane 2012

After being in Gold Coast and Byron Bay, I returned to Brisbane because it was always raining there and I couldn't take my camera out of the hostel, I love Brisbane is an awesome city, skycrapers, citybeach and I mean city beach! a real beach in front of the city! friendly people and lots of backpackers, you can take the city cat that is like a bus traveling on the river and it's only 30km from the beach,lots of entertainment like free museums, botanical gardens and lots of parks around, is a really green city! I never walk around like I did in this days, let's post some pictures!
Iguana at the Botanical Gardens
Street Artist
Alive Snake at the Museum
Art Gallery South Bank
Kodak Camera 1895

 City Beach
Chinese Statue
A 30yr old Range Rover looking brand new
City Beach water games
Story Bridge
City looking from New Farm
South Bank at night 
sunset over Brisbane
Art in the streets (Queen St.)

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